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Abel Nightroad

is probably the person Seth cherishes the most. He is her second older brother, whom she finally reunites with after 900 years. Seth even names her pet squirrel as Abel—probably as a sign of how much she missed him. She shares the same easy-going and sometimes reckless traits with present Abel—and they both get very serious and mature when they need to be. Ion realized that she resembles Abel as they both piss him off, but he didn’t expect them to be siblings.

“The one who has ruled Empire for 800 years... I knew it was you.” – Abel Nightroad, act 33 Swallowtail

In her reunion with Abel in Act 33, she seemed very cheerful. After she beats Dietrich, Seth asks Esther a little time alone with Abel. There, she cries to her brother and embraces her. Abel is the only one who truly understands Seth’s feelings, since they’re both Krusniks. Only in front of her brother would she show her weakness and sadness.

Seth wants Abel to stay in the Empire with her, but Abel refuses—he is determined to devote himself for the Vatican as the redemption for his “sin”. Seth looks like about to cry when she sees this, but she only kicks her brother and decides to let him do as he wishes.

Esther Blanchett

is a sister whom Ion chooses to be the Vatican’s representative. Unlike Ion who takes Seth’s jokes way too seriously, Esther gets along very well with Seth. Although she is very confused by Seth’s multiple identities, she doesn’t make it a big deal. After The Empress unveils her face, she tells Esther to call her Seth, because she is a friend. The way Esther agrees to call her Seth shows how much she values her friendship with the Empress—she likes being friends with her.

Before the Night Lords arc, Esther saw Abel’s krusnik form and called him a monster, but later on she recovered and befriended him again. In Act 33, Esther watches Seth’s krusnik activation. She is surprised, but maybe she already has a feeling that Seth was not an ordinary girl. This time, although she has become one of the very few people who knows about Seth’s true kind, she doesn’t call her a Monster and whatnot. She has faith in her, as like Seth mentioned, they are friends.

Mirka Fortuna

is probably the closest person to Seth. She is one of the very few people who knows the Empress’s true face. She earns a great trust from the Empress, and she substitutes Seth when the latter is not in her castle—the similarity of their posture makes it even more assuring. In the manga, they are about the same height, and it seems like they even have the same bust size. In the anime, the Mirka is depicted as a tall, busty lady, which is the exact opposite of Seth—this makes the anime seems less rational to me.

“Her seriousness and nobility are perfectly blended. She really is the great mother figure for us all Methuselah.”

The closeness between these two are seen when Abel infiltrates her palace. He questions Mirka’s identity as “empress”. She realizes that Abel must have known something, and then notices his hair and eyes. She then stops her bodyguard from hurting him, knowing who he might be. Looking at Mirka’s reaction, it seems that Seth told Mirka about her real identity, as well as her brother—and how he looked like.

Mirka has an eccentric personality, which, in my opinion, resembles Seth in one way or another. However, I believe that her description about the Empress is real. Her respect towards Seth is visible as she bows down to her when the Empress passes by her.

Astharoshe Asran

aka Astha aka the Duchess of Kiev, is a noble who once worked together with Abel in a mission. When Seth predicts that Ion will return to the empire together with people from the Vatican, she assigns Astaroshe a secret mission—she wants her to protect these people.

Astha is a very dedicated person. She completely believes and praises the Empress, because she is the one who protects the whole Empire, and creates a system which is believed to be the best for the people. For that reason, she is ready to give her all for Her Majesty—she even kills her own uncle who betrayed everyone and tried to kill the Empress, without a second thought—even though she is hinted to have a certain affection to him.


aka the Duke of Tigris, is one of the important noble figures in the Empire, and has served the Empress for over 300 years. He first met Seth when he was young. He was riding a horse on the seashore and the wind blew his headgear. Seth was the one who caught it. He was blushing when she smiled and offered him to buy some flowers. It looks like he never saw her in person anymore.

In his years of working for the Empire, he had never seen the Empress face-to-face. He admires the Empress greatly, and it drives him crazy how he was working to serve someone whom he didn’t even know—so much that he had to eliminate her. He didn’t like the concept of Terrans and Methuselahs living together, so he wants to change it by becoming the next emperor, which never happens.

"I remember now... The girl with jade green eyes. So it was you..." - Suleyman, Act 32 Long Kiss, Good Night

Suleyman is probably the only one who voices out his curiosity and peeves on the way Seth acts—he says that she never trusted any of her people. When he points his Solomon ring at Her Majesty in Star Palace, Seth doesn’t dodge it, yet he purposely misses—and got shot by Astha. When Seth asks why, he smiles and says: “How could a child not love his mother?” He died on the lap of his beloved “mother”—it shows just how loving Seth is. Eventhough he deserves to be punished for the serious crime he committed, she still cares to give him peace on his final moments.