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To understand Seth's role, I think a brief explanation of the series is due. Well, Trinity Blood is originally a novel series written by Sunao Yoshida and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. It has been adaptated into 24-episodes anime and manga. To avoid confusion, I’ll tell you from the beginning: this shrine will be based on the manga timeline, with a few background information from the novel.

If you want keywords that can explain what Trinity Blood is all about, then they would be vampires and humans. Interested? Well, that was not all of it. That was the non-spoiler, super short, inaccurate version of the plot. It will take a long time to understand it if you only follow the manga or anime, and it’s hard to give an introduction—even this shrine itself—without spoilers. So here we go.

Trinity Blood, in my own comprehension, is a story evolving around the Vatican, the New Human Empire, and Rozenkreuz Orden. The Vatican is considered as the government for humans, while the New Human Empire tries to give a home for humans and Methuselahs (vampires) to live together peacefully. Rozenkreuz Orden on the other hand, is the antagonist party which aims to “bring a new discipline to the world”. There is a really vague connection between the three of those, as each party has a family member in it. It is a “family” of Krusniks—vampires who feed on vampires. These people are actually test tube babies created for Mars Colonization Project with genetically enhanced bodies. They were injected with Bacillus—nanomachines that were found on Mars, and the only ones who survived after the procedure. The main protagonist of this series is Abel Nightroad, siding with the Vatican as an AX agent (Ministry of Holy Affairs), who also happens to be one of the Krusnik siblings.


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Seth as a tea sellerNow, let’s talk about our lovely lady. Seth Nightlord is a character who only shows up in the Night Lords arc, to be precise, she only speaks in 7 chapters. However, she plays a significant role in TB. In the manga, her first distinct appearance is on Act 25. Seth is introduced as a Terran who lives on a human district in the New Human Empire. When you first see her, you might think that she is just a supporting character which only appears once and then disappears and you won't hear anything about her anymore. But no, apparently, she is not.

At the first glance, you will see Seth a playful and witty character, which is not a strange thing considering her appearance as a young girl. But soon you’ll realize that she’s a person with full of mysteries. Her real identity is well hidden under her multiple disguises—which shows just how careful she is. Within that happy-go-lucky exterior lies a wise, loving, yet lonely girl who carries a heavy burden on her shoulder. We’ll save deeper analysis on her personality for the next sections!