After the Empress’s death, the councilors are arranging an urgent parliament session at the Star Palace. The meeting is such a ruckus because their leader is no longer present. Suleyman then convinces everyone that they should have an election because it would be the late Empress’s wish—obviously he aims to be the new Emperor. When the situation has totally gone out of hand, the “late” Empress arrives.

"Stop it, Suleyman. I do not wish to see you like this any longer." - Seth Nightroad, act 32 Long Kiss, Good Night

She says that she was flustered when she almost got murdered at the Island of Beloved Children, but yes, she’s alive and well. Suleyman tells her that he wasn’t the one behind the bombing incident. The Empress then reveals the jaw-dropping truth: the “Empress” who attends the service back then was no other than Mirka Fortuna—the one who was supposed to be buried. It seems that they found out about the explosives, and managed to escape.

She then tells that she already foresaw that the extremists’ faction would begin their move along with Ion’s return to Empire after his negotiation mission with the Vatican. She just never thought that the betrayer would be Suleyman.

Suleyman still questions why did she think that he tried to assassinate her. “I have never suggested that you were the one who stored those bombs to kill me. However, you did try to kill me at the Island of Beloved Children.”

Saying that, the Empress begins to unveil her hidden face. Suleyman is frowned—it was the spy girl who fell off the rocks. The Empress is the witness herself, so he can’t escape the accusation this time.