The Tea-Seller

When we first meet Seth, she is just an ordinary Terran girl who sells tea. She encounters Ion and Esther in Terran’s district when her pet squirrel (named Abel) jumped to Ion. She offers them to buy some tea in a teasing way, and then helps them to find the house of Ion’s family’s servant.

Seth as a tea seller

When they arrive at the said house, Esther gets hurt because of an Auto Lergar’s (zombie vampire) attack. They are given no choice to bring Esther to the hospital because of their situation. Seth suddenly shows up and offers a hand. Ion belittles her at first, but then Seth mentions that Esther needs help as soon as possible. She then says with a completely different look on her face: “This is not time to play around, kid.”

Afterwards, Ion obeys her instructions. The witty, cunning tea-seller girl looks like a different person now. Something about her gaze makes Ion unable to even look at her in the eye. This is where you’ll begin to question who she really is, and her importance in the arc slowly emerges.

Ion: “Just... Who on earth are you...?”
Seth: “Me? I told you, right? I’m Seth. Just a pretty girl!”

Seth is aware that Ion has begun to wonder about her real identity, but she knows how to get away. She answers it with a smile and a wink. Just a pretty girl? I’m sure Ion doesn’t bother to ask her any further—not directly, at least.