The Spy

Seth as a spyThe next time Seth is spotted is when Esther has a fight with Ion, while Abel keeps Astharoshe company to a “mission”. Esther decides to follow her, suspicious of Seth because of the latter’s outfit. She walks towards the Island of Beloved Children. Seth tells her that she was actually a spy for a Noble, but she refuses to specifically say who she was working for. Before Esther finds out more about Seth, they realize that there are more Autolergars wandering around. They also finds explosives in the Cemetery. The Empress is supposed to lead Mirka Fortuna’s burial in that place the following day, so it means that whoever places those bombs there are planning to assassinate the Empress along with the cemetery.

Shortly after the gruesome discovery, the Autolergars begin to attack. Seth kills them with a pair of daggers, and tells Seth to escape and tells the Duchess of Kiev about it. Later on, Duke of Tigris, Suleyman shows up—it appears that he is the one who’s behind all of this.

Since the girl became a witness who could ruin his perfect plan, Suleyman tries to eliminate Seth with his power. Seth’s agile body allows her to avoid the attacks, although one of her dagger is broken. However, she doesn’t realize that there was a cliff behind her—Suleyman attacks her once more and inevitably, she falls off the cliff.

After Seth falls, and Esther gets caught before she tells Astharoshe about the bombs, no one manages to stop the assassination of the Empress. The following day, Her Majesty is confirmed to be dead at the scene because of the explosions.