The Medical Student

Seth as a student of medical schoolAfter giving first aids to Esther, Seth takes Ion and Esther to her house. When Esther finally regains her consciousness, Seth confesses that she was actually a student of a Medical School. She calmly asks them to keep it a secret because as a good civillian she should be a full-time student instead of doing jobs like selling tea.

Seth then tricks Ion to get some dinner for them. Her smooth and cunning personality makes her capable to control Ion, the undercover noble who has a very high self esteem. Ion ends up fulfilling her request, eventhough he actually feels very annoyed.

While Ion is out to buy dinner, Seth and Esther have a conversation. Esther learns that Seth was only 13 yet she was already a college student. Seth then explains the system in Empire, which aims to bring peace and justice between Terrans and Methuselahs so that they can live together.

Suddenly, some Autolergars attack Seth’s dwelling. Esther, who hasn’t even recovered, tries to fight back but fails. She faints after seeing Seth standing up before her eyes. But when she wakes up and Abel finds her, Seth is already gone, leaving the beaten enemies behind.