oh, the way you shine

Seth has short black hair and green eyes. She is often seen wearing miniskirts or short pants, plus thigh-high leg warmers—she wears these when she sells tea, a. Her empress wardrobe is mostly in green, and usually consisted of balloon pants, headgear, heavy veil which hides her face, and a pair of high heels.

In the empire, civillians are not allowed to wear green-coloured attires. It is a color only wore by the Empress.. Green, which is also Seth’s eye color, is the symbol of life and nature. Seth’s room in her palace is decorated with pond, lotus flowers, and some animals. It seems that she really has a fondness with the Earth’s nature—it could also be a “repentance” to her past where she used to choose Methuselahs over humans. Green can also be interpreted as the symbol of youth, resurrection and immortality—hence that Seth has taken the form of a young girl for hundreds of years, as she ages much, much slower than the Methuselahs, let alone humans. It is also a calm and soothing color, just like Seth’s motherly figure. It also represents the situation of the Empire itself—how she resurrected it and protects it in the past, present, and in the future.

Seth’s Krusnik form has fairy wings on her back. Fairy wings are sometimes drawn just like butterfly wings. Butterfly represents resurrection, and we know that fairies are supposed to be forever young—yet another talk about immortality. Butterflies, which often decorate Seth’s outfits, are also a symbol of transformation, faith, and grace. These symbolisms all refer to Seth's personality as well as fate.